Centra Series In Desk

centra 2 gpo usb 2 data

Limitless Capability · Timeless Design

CMS Centra Series in-desk module effectively incorporates Power, USB Fast-Charge & Transfer, Data and AV into any desktop or vertical surface

Centra Series modular design allows any configuration of services, making it an ideal solution for Workstations, Meeting & Conference tables, Collaborative & Public spaces, as well as vertical surfaces including screens, walls or soft furniture

centra fuselesscentra inlinecentra quick install

 Fuse-less design

Available with angled fuse-less outlets catering for large power-packs whilst maintaining a clean surface design.

Leading the Charge

Dual 2.1A Fast-Charging USB outlets ensure you spend less time charging and more time using

Quick & Easy Install

Auto-clamping Paddles enable easy top-side installation – keeping install time and labour costs low

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